Since the portfolio was transferred from the HRE Group on 1 October 2010, its original nominal value of EUR 175.7 billion has been reduced to EUR 94.7 billion as at the end of 2015.

This corresponds to a cumulative reduction of 46.1%. In 2015, it was reduced by EUR 11.6 billion or 10.9% of the volume recorded at the end of 2014 (EUR 106.3 billion).

The portfolio is highly complex and diverse and has a particularly high proportion of illiquid exposures with extremely long maturities.

20160425 Übersicht FMS WM Gesamtportfolio EN

The portfolio of FMS Wertmanagement still contains significant concentration risks, including those in sovereign debt exposures.  At the transfer date, the portfolio encompassed more than 7,100 individual exposures. By the end of 2014, this figure had been reduced to 2,648 exposures with 1,329 borrowers or debtors and a nominal value of EUR 94.7 billion.