4 November 2016

FMS Wertmanagement sells repurchased DEPFA liabilities to DEPFA and in return acquires assets from DEPFA´s cover pools.

30 June 2016

The nominal volume of the portfolio was reduced to EUR 87 billion, which brings it to less than 50 percent of the transferred value for the first time.

19 January 2016

FMS Wertmanagement launches another public tender offer to buy securities issued by DEPFA.

1 October 2015

As already announced in April, Stephan Winkelmeier takes over as Spokesman of the Executive Board and Chief Risk & Financial Officer of FMS Wertmanagement.

27 May 2015

In a joint transaction with DEPFA BANK plc in Dublin, FMS Wertmanagement successfully completes the tender offer and purchase of three bonds with an aggregate nominal value of EUR 1.2 billion for a total consideration of EUR 741 million.

6 May 2015

FMS Wertmanagement ends the privatisation process for selling its wholly owned subsidiary, FMS Wertmanagement Service GmbH (FMS-SG).

20 April 2015

FMS Wertmanagement launches a public tender offer to buy certain securities issued by DEPFA.

19 December 2014

FMS Wertmanagement takes over DEPFA BANK plc in Dublin and its subsidiaries from Hypo Real Estate Holding AG (HRE).

19 April 2014

The tender for the privatisation of shares of FMS Wertmanagement Service GmbH starts officially.

1 October 2013

FMS Wertmanagement Service GmbH adopts the servicing of the portfolio of FMS Wertmanagement from pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, supported by an IT-partner and further servicing companies.

10 May 2012

FMS Wertmanagement establishes a service entity as a wholly owned subsidiary that, no later than September 2013, when the cooperation agreement with the HRE Group on the servicing of the portfolio in accordance with EU requirements has  to be terminated, will take over most of these functions.

8 March 2012

FMS Wertmanagement announces its intention to participate in the exchange of Greek government bonds and loans with a nominal value of EUR 8.2 billion.

27 May 2011

FMS Wertmanagement celebrates its successful debut on the capital markets with its first EUR 3 billion public bond issue.

19 May 2011

The Supervisory Board of FMS Wertmanagement approves the first set of annual financial statements prepared by the Executive Board for the 2010 short fiscal year.

23 March 2011

FMS Wertmanagement's own issues have replaced all of the SoFFin guarantees originally amounting to EUR 124 billion. Those guarantees  had been granted to the HRE Group and were transferred to FMS Wertmanagement along with the portfolio.

1 October 2010

FMS Wertmanagement launches its operations with seven permanently employed members of staff.

30 September 2010

The non-strategic operations and the risk positions of the HRE Group are transferred to FMS Wertmanagement.

8 July 2010

FMS Wertmanagement is founded as an entity under public law pursuant to Section 8a FMStFG.

21 January 2010

The HRE Group applies for establishment of a winding-up institution, to which portions of its portfolio are to be transferred.

13 October 2009

SoFFin acquires full control of the HRE Group.

17 October 2008

The Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany moves to establish the Financial Market Stabilisation Fund (SoFFin) based on the Financial Market Stabilisation Act (FMStFG).

Autumn 2008

The HRE Group has encountered serious financial difficulties and faces going-concern risks.