The Infrastructure segment, which still made up around 13% of the remaining portfolio at the end of 2017, was reduced from EUR 11.4 billion at the beginning of 2017 to EUR 10.1 billion at year-end. The largest repayments related to loans for an Australian infrastructure project, for a port company in North America and an international multi-storey car park operator.

The Infrastructure sub-portfolio comprises a range of corporate loans and securities, project financing and acquisition funding for ports, airports, toll roads, tunnels, multi-storey car parks, schools and hospitals as well as for projects in the energy supply, water supply and waste disposal, and telecommunications sectors. The borrowers and debtors are therefore usually subject to government regulation.

At the end of 2017, the portfolio still contained 304 individual exposures (prior-year end: 338 exposures). Since the portfolio was taken over, the nominal value of the Infrastructure portfolio of EUR 18.0 billion has been reduced by 44%.

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