The Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation (FMSA) has appointed Dr. Jutta Dönges to the Supervisory Board of FMS Wertmanagement effective immediately. Dr. Dönges has been chairing the Steering Committee of the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation since February 2016. She became a member of this committee back in January 2015. Prior to this, Dr. Dönges, who holds a degree in industrial engineering and a doctorate in economics, worked for Goldman Sachs and the SEB AB office in Frankfurt in various capacities.

She will replace Dr. Herbert Walter, who on leaving the post of Chairman of the FMSA Steering Committee also stepped down from the Supervisory Board of FMS Wertmanagement.  “We would like to thank Dr. Walter very much for the dedication and expertise he contributed as a member of the Supervisory Board and of the Supervisory Board's Risk Committee,” said Jan Bettink, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FMS Wertmanagement.

FMS Wertmanagement was established in July 2010 as the Federal government’s winding-up institution for the purpose of taking over and unwinding the HRE Group’s risk positions and non-strategic operations in ways aimed at minimising losses. The Federal Republic of Germany is the sole owner of FMS Wertmanagement via the Financial Market Stabilisation Fund  – FMS (SoFFin).

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