• Information on current tenders of FMS Wertmanagement and FMS Service GmbH are listed below:


Current Tenders (also available on bund.de and evergabe-online.de):



As a public-law entity, FMS Wertmanagement is obliged to apply the relevant provisions regarding the award of public contracts (public procurement law).

Procurement by FMS Wertmanagement is governed in particular by the Act Against Restraints of Competition (GWB), German public procurement contract tender award regulations (VgV) and the Unterschwellenvergabeordnung (UVgO). This means that once a certain threshold is reached, FMS Wertmanagement is required to award its contracts through national or pan-European competitive tendering.

In accordance with the EU guidelines and specific FMS requirements tenders can be handled electronically via the federation's eVergabe platform.

Companies may only submit their offers electronically via the eVergabe platform.

To do so, companies have to register once under https://www.evergabe-online.de.

Companies will get access to an overview of all electronic FMS tenders under:

Detailed instructions for the electronic procurement process can also be found on the federal eVergabe platform.

Advantages of electronic tendering for all parties are as follows:

  • Full transparency and greater legal certainty through electronic documentation of the whole procurement process
  • Simplified access to tenders, faster processing and submission of tender offers
  • Less time and cost for administration and postal delivery of tender documents